Tests – here’s a new one

by Rod Smith

There’s lots I love about humanity and find fascinating about us. One, of many, is that as a species we are just a little self-obsessed. I am not even into them but I can name about 16 psychological and personality tests which try to assess, understand, evaluate every nook and cranny of a person’s life. 

We love to try to know how we function or don’t and what we can do to fix ourselves as if it is possible or as if we were a low mileage Ford or Toyota. 

More than a few times I’ve been “assessed” by people who know very little about the tests, less about themselves, and yet regard themselves as experts. 

My favorite by far is The Enneagram but I’ve decided to come up with a new test. 

It’s easy to self-administer, score, and analyze.

Are you ready? 

Make lists of the things, people, circumstances you love and hate or hate and love – you choose which comes easier – but do it really quickly and no details are required.

Do this for about 15 minutes, or, take as long as you want.

Which came easier to you? Which flowed out of you with greater ease? 

Which tended to dominate, the positives or the negatives? 

Now, go ahead, analyze all you want.   

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