You are unique – thankfully

by Rod Smith

Fall on your knees: you may have noticed with a sigh of relief or an edge of frustration you are one of a kind. There is no one quite like you, not even close. Your profile may reveal familial similarities but you are unique and you know it.

You draw connections, see parallels in ways you know are a little crazy. Words, music, aromas, one-liners, associate across decades and you resort to momentary introspective giggles because sharing whatever you just thought or saw or felt would take too long to explain and it would be meaningless to anyone else breathing.

On top of that your head is full of what ifs, not regrets, but possibilities, hopes, aspirations. Periodically you think you’re going to burst with ideas, love, passion, when you sneak a glimpse of how beautiful the people in your life really are and how much talent they ferry around everyday.

There are creeping regrets. You have to fight them off like an invasive species. But, truth is, they earned their place but some have overstayed their welcome.

Fall on your knees in thanksgiving. There is only one of you.

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