South Africans….

by Rod Smith

Be careful when you inflict evil upon South Africans. They will almost always unite across every conceivable barrier and return your evil with graciousness and kindness that will sizzle the goals of your dark motives.

Watch out when “Boer maak a plan” and “Ubuntu” combine. The tenacious combination that will explode into widespread love and success. These two concepts (inventiveness under pressure and working together for the communal good) come from extremes, sometimes enemies, but will unite and come for you and accost you with so much kindness that you will come to regret your unimaginative evil (it always is) and wish you’d seen what they already know: good defeats evil every time.

The majority of South Africans are unusual that way, they go into retreat after an attack but it should not be confused with defeat. They are planning, uniting, then they will share, serve, clean, sing, pray and dance in the streets and grace will prevail.

Choirs will sing in the most devastated areas. Meals will be prepared for the very people who destroyed and looted. There’ll be widespread repentance and resilient love will emerge from this horrible circumstance. You watch, this looting and destruction, will turn into love and rebuilding and the plans of the disruptors will be successfully derailed.

One Comment to “South Africans….”

  1. So true! Thank you for your “spot on” observation!

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