A shift in dialogue

by Rod Smith

Good morning, please, tell me something beautiful. Tell me of private acts of kindness you witnessed. Good afternoon. Tell me something uplifting, about a moment you saw “unlikely” happiness. Good evening, let me tell you about the goodness that surrounded our lives today?

When I, your distant columnist (Siri tells me I am 14,225K from Durban’s city hall), try to promote such dialogue, I am not suggesting blindness to your difficulties or that I deny the challenges I face.

Difficulties are obvious, glaring, they are in our faces.

The beautiful, uplifting, the goodness surrounding you and me are often subtle; working, creating, and loving, beneath the surface. The bully is easy to see. He or she is unmistakable, completely lacking in creativity and subtlety. The humble often does his or her work from a hidden place. Beauty is often created in private, shared only with those who are very close. Kindness is often most tangible in one-to-one encounters, known only to the giver and only sometimes to the receiver. Tell me your beautiful stories, please. I long to hear. Tell me about the goodness that surrounds you, gives you hope for tomorrow. Good morning, good afternoon, good night – whenever you are reading. It’s a good day because none of us is alone.

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