Good will prevail

by Rod Smith

In times of disruption and stress the really important things become vividly clear and what is not has a way of dropping from our individual and group awareness. 

The new and expensive kitchen countertops become what they ought to be, a backdrop to vital conversations. The new car, the one you wanted to keep spotless, becomes a means to ferry food to neighbors. The Wifi speed ceases to be about gaming or Netflix, but a means to efficiently update family and friends around the world about your safety and wellbeing.

Going to school, being present in a classroom, having a teacher live in front of your children becomes a pleasurable thought, something for which your children and you may now ache. 

The Spar sign you spy on the way to search for a tank of petrol is a warm reminder of how things used to be, just a few days ago.

But, things will come together. Order will be restored. Good outweighs evil with surprising regularity all throughout history.Rebuild, replace, restore; restore, replace, rebuild. Good outweighs evil with surprising regularity all throughout history.

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