Oh, South Africa

by Rod Smith

I’m sure you’re feeling anxious today. If not anxious for yourself, perhaps for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. You’re worried about what’s happening today and what will happen in the future if all this chaos can occur today. Perhaps you’re feeling fearful today, wondering if normalcy will ever be restored, if widespread civil decency will ever once more prevail.

The thought and the question you find hard to expel may be “will things ever return to order?” I’m sure you’ve wondered how a place with such natural beauty of sea, clear skies, subtropical plants and beauty, and, more often than not, such incredible weather, can be accosted with such random and indiscriminate horror.

I will tell you, dear reader, that from my safe distance it’s understandably easy for you to dismiss my expressions of empathy and want to see through them.

Truth is I’ve had a sleepless night (almost, at least). There is a clinical definition for the guilt I’m feeling from this safe distance while family and friends and readers are threatened and, yes, I’m feeling it and feeling it powerfully.

May grace be yours in the midst of all you are having to endure.

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