Go opposite, for you own sake

by Rod Smith

There are no formulas for successful and peaceful living. But, there are usually great benefits from operating in the “opposite” spirit.

Such an idea is not new, but it is uncommon. 

Here’s what I mean:

Forgive people who do not deserve it, before they request it, because it is good for you. Don’t do it to teach a lesson, to get the upper hand, to show them who is stronger.

Do it to care for your own soul. Do it to protect your peace of mind. 

Revenge won’t. Bitterness won’t offer you anything worth having. 

You might even say you are forgiving for selfish reasons.

Well, go ahead.

If forgiving others is selfish it’s the brand we really need in a hurting world. 

Everyone sends complex signals all the time. You may be amazed at how good you are at reading others.

There will be times you are wrong but mostly you will be accurate.

Angry is obvious. Don’t fight back. Afraid, too, easy to detect. Try to provide comfort. Fight, flee, freeze are all easy to spot. Try not to “catch” and return the same behavior. It won’t help you.

Relaxed, friendly, engaging: you read these in an instant. Enjoy.  

Nothing defuses as effectively as operating in the “opposite spirit” when you are faced with people sending signals of rejection, negativity and invitations for conflict.  

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