Questions and discussion points for leadership development

by Rod Smith

A brave leader – elected, unelected, volunteer, paid, official or unofficial – who wants to grow and wants his or her organization to succeed will allow his or her leadership to be challenged and assessed by a random cross section of the people whom he or she leads. Here are a few sample questions and points for discussion that can be used as starters:

  • What am I doing well and should do more? I am not seeking affirmation. I want to know what is and is not working for us as a group/school/church/business.
  • What am I doing poorly, or not at all, that I should improve upon or include? People get used to poor leadership. It becomes normal. I don’t want that. I want us to be exceptional. I need your help and your valued assessments. 
  • What do I do that may drive you and others in our organization crazy? Don’t hold back. I am an adult.
  • Offer me realistic suggestions about how we can improve our workplace. With your experience you will know what is and is not possible.
  • Integrity is important. Where may I need help with mine? What don’t I seem to see about myself? 
  • Do you know you are a valued employee? How do you know? What indications are there that point to your value?  

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