Name it, write about it

by Rod Smith

You can do some things to relieve your loneliness.

Find the loneliness within yourself.

Name it.

“Tag” it.

Describe it.

It’s impossible to deal with something you resist exploring. “Reduce” your emotions to a few sentences – or more if necessary. 

“I am lonely – afraid, vulnerable – because my life has changed so much.” 

“I am sad because my adult children seldom contact me.” 

“I feel cut off because I have not seen trusted friends for a long time.” 

“My divorce has hit me hard even though I wanted it.” 

Write it down, whatever it is, so you know what you are working with.

Writing it will help you get your “head around it.”  

Use your pen – pencil, computer –  to understand what you are feeling by expanding on what you have written. 

“This makes sense. My loneliness is understandable,” one may write. 

“I have faced substantial loss. It would be unusual to not feel confusion and loneliness.” 

This is one of many reasons writing in a journal is so valuable. 

It helps name and deal with strong and uncomfortable emotions. It offers an opportunity for larger perspectives. It leads to understanding and self-acceptance and often provides a series stepping stones to a brighter future.     

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