Please, don’t underestimate yourself

by Rod Smith

You are capable of amazing things. You can make miracles happen.

You are a powerhouse. You can light up a room, you can inspire your friends, enrich your family, and encourage all with whom you come in contact. You can write to those who are far away and encourage those who are down, all from the confines of your home. You are a living generator of life and health and goodness. Refuse to be anything less.

You are a booster rocket. You can provide the context others may need so that they are able to fly to higher heights and achieve greater goals than has been your joy. This is what parents and friends do for each other. We empower and provide a boost so that people may exceed our own successes and we rejoice when they do.

You are a listening ear. You can listen without speaking or developing your reply. You can hear without judgement. You can listen without making whatever you hear about you. You can place your own needs on “airplane mode” and offer your full attention to another. You know that as you do this you are offering powerful love and you are happy to do it.    

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