What kind of person do I (you) want to be?

by Rod Smith

When I am welcoming to the apparently wealthy people around me and ignore those of limited means I have answered the question.

When I am at a robot (traffic light) faced with a homeless beggar my response to the beggar answers the question. It is in that instance I decide what kind of person I want to be.

If I am ignored by a waiter in a restaurant and I submit to my impulse to punish or “get back” or “go to the top” I have decided what kind of person I want to be.

Who I am is the product of thousands of choices, and much more, compounding and forming into habits and rituals that build platforms for actions and shape the lenses through which I see and respond to the world around me.

While I am unthinking, reactive, and act out of entrenched stereotypes I will always be who I have always been.

Until I am available for something different, ready to even acknowledge that there may exist new and other ways for me to respond to others, I will be who I have always been.

Or, although it is a challenge to face oneself in this way, I can do things a little differently and become someone who is a little closer to who I really want to be.

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