If you’re alive…..

by Rod Smith

I would suggest that if you are a living breathing person you will be challenged with all of the following at least a few times every 24 hours. 

I hope you meet the challenges and come out on top. 

In the event you do not, well, as I tell myself, life has a way of giving people fresh opportunities and one can always try again tomorrow:  

The temptations: 

  • To compromise your integrity for popularity, profit, or the semblance of peace.
  • To spend more money than you can afford on things you do not need
  • To be quiet when it is time to speak and to speak when it is time to be quiet..
  • To appear to be listening when someone is talking.
  • To ask questions without listening to the answers.
  • To eat more than you need and waste food a hungry person would crave to enjoy.
  • To speak ill of another and say things about him or her that you would probably not say face-to-face.
  • To nurse relationships bruises and wounds and damages you thought you had already forgiven.
  • To waste time and opportunity and resources without giving it too much thought.

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