Sometimes I write a little poetry

by Rod Smith

Please Don’t Shoot (Indianapolis 2015)

If you see my (black) son

any time of the day

or in the evening

riding his (red) bike

please don’t shoot him.

He’s as free as the wind

loves his (diverse) neighborhood

knows it block by (colorful) block

If you glimpse him whizzing by

on his bike

or weaving side-to-side

on his (new) roller-blades

– which are the only things he really wanted

for his thirteenth birthday – and candy

please, please don’t shoot.

He’s really good at both

– bikes and roller-blades –

and I assure you he’s not trying

to get away from you or from anything

nor is he coming at you

he’s definitely not dangerous

even though he’s

moving very quickly

and he is making his way home

enjoying the last few weeks of


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