by Rod Smith

How we treat each other is of paramount importance.

When we respect each other it provokes wholeness, goodness in our communities.

Treasuring each other begins with me, where I live, and with you, where you live.

If it goes “viral” that will be wonderful, but that is not the point. It’s not the goal. Respecting each other is an end in itself.

Treating each other with highest-good love, absolute respect, with a commitment to mutuality, equality, justice, is not only good for those on the receiving end. It transforms anyone who seeks to make it a way of life.

While humankind has messed (to put it kindly) with each other forever, hurting and disrespecting each other is not normal. It is common. It’s not normal.

Hurting, using, deceiving each other is not natural to our design.

This is why every time we violate another (even benignly – if there is such a thing) we know it.

Every time we lie, cheat, disrespect another, we know it. Our internal black box registers it, sends us a signal. An alarm goes. Do it enough, override the alerts until such overriding becomes routine, habitual, and the alarms will dampen. Only in pathological circumstances, will they disappear.

Resets are internal before manifesting externally for we love others as we are, not as they are.

Join me, please, even if it’s for “selfish” reasons. Even if we fail things are still likely to improve.

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