It’s all about you…….

by Rod Smith

You are the common denominator in all of your relationships.

You get the joy of teaching others how to treat you. You get the daily job of guiding others how not to treat you. You get to determine how and where you spend your energy and you decide hour by hour who and what gets your love and attention. There is no escaping it.

Your levels of anger and resentment, levels of grace and forgiveness, are all in your hands. Actually, they are driven by your thinking and are filtered through your heart and come out in what you do with your hands.

You are responsible for your relationships and it is so unless you are severely incapacitated. You are the center of your circle and you set the tone for how you will respond to all that transpires outwardly from you. Divine Grace is available to you, but even then, you have to be willing to embrace it. Many don’t and won’t.

It all starts within you. It really is all about you.

This is true even when it comes to your faith, your children, and to your most intimate or most casual relationships.

Before I am deluged with resistance, this is not selfish thinking. To think any other way about it probably is!

So, let’s be kind, take responsibility for ourselves, serve others, and do no harm.

2 Comments to “It’s all about you…….”

  1. I agree totally. It took awhile to figure this out as the common parlance tells you “it’s not about you.” But it is. How I show up, my responses, my moods are all about the choices I make in how I interact….to everyone, to everything and to myself. Thank you for saying this.

    • Thank you for your response and for understanding. I appreciate it. So often this comes off as selfish when it is the antithesis of selfishness.

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