by Rod Smith

“What shall I do with this grief,” she asked, having lost so much, one thing on top of another, enough loss for many people in a life-time.

You shall sit with it. Embrace it. As difficult as that may sound, you will let it do its work.

“What shall I do with the pain, the gaping hole in my chest, a wound in my soul, my very being?”

You will go into survival-mode, operate on automatic, auto-pilot, if you can operate at all. Then, you will arrange your life around it, at least for a while.

“But, I do not want this, the anguish, this disorientation.”

Nobody does. It is always an uninvited guest. It barges in without notice, without invitation. It is no respecter of persons.

“You are not being much help.”

Grief will do its work and ultimately you will find it in you to respond. The person within you, yes, the one who is, and who feels overwhelmed, drowned in sorrow, will be shaped by the losses and will emerge to be even more beautiful than you already are.

You will know and sense things and gain remarkable intuition and offer presence for others in ways you could never have imagined.

Despite it being a path that you’d never have chosen, you will use it well.

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