“Little” things that hinder

by Rod Smith

I’m aware these are tough standards, but how else will any of us improve at life and relationships if we don’t take care of the “small” things? 

  • If I retell a story in the presence of someone who was present as a witness and I exaggerate or lie (even in an attempt at humour) the witness knows I am capable of being a false witness even if he or she never lets on.
  • If I gossip even to a willing and eager listener, the listener knows I am capable of gossip and even if he or she never lets on.
  • If I am rude, demanding in a restaurant or the post office or with the cashier at the grocery shop when things don’t go my way I am revealing my true colours. If I treat a stranger in public with disrespect one can only imagine how I treat people who are close to me in private when things do not go my way.
  • If I cheat or lie in seemingly little or unimportant ways, people who witness it, even if they benefit in the immediate from my actions, will know not to trust me in other and unrelated circumstances. 

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