What matters?

by Rod Smith

What matters*? 

People matter. How we treat people matters. How we treat all people matters. How we respect and treat those with whom we are close, say we love, those whom we encounter at arms length, or not encounter at all, matters. 

It matters much. 

How we treat those with whom we disagree matters as much as how we treat those whom we claim to love. 

How we treat all others (near, far, loved, known, unknown, different, current family, former family, those on the other side of the political aisle) is a litmus test on our spirituality. It’s a test of our holiness if we claim to represent a faith or not. 

It’s a biopsy of our integrity – no matter who we are or what positions we may hold – megachurch pastor or atheist. 

How we treat all others says nothing (zero, zilch) whatsoever about others. 

How we treat others is a window – a large open window – revealing volumes about us, no matter how hard we may try to keep it closed, barred, and the blackout curtains taped shut. 

How we treat people matters for many reasons, one being it mirrors the love and respect we have for ourselves.

We love others as we love ourselves. 

The same is true for hate, rejection, and contempt. 

*I am always my first reader and audience – you may not need this, but I do.

One Comment to “What matters?”

  1. Thanks, Rod. Blessings to you all. John

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