Ready to grow?

by Rod Smith

If you are facing struggles, hurdles, you are set for healthy growth.

If you want it.

Allowing yourself to regard challenges as stepping stones to self-discovery will help you uncover remarkable strengths already residing within you.

These strengths can be harnessed and then employed through determined and scheduled reflection.

This done, you will discover:

• You have the capacity to find healthy humor in almost any circumstance. It is a rare and extreme day when life is devoid of all humor. It happens, but it is rare.

• You are able to uncover some remarkable beauty in every person you meet. Yes, even in (insert any name you want or don’t want).

• You have the capacity to find understanding and insight in the most confusing and challenging of circumstances. Some distance or objectivity is first required.

• You have it in you to forgive others to a degree some will find unreasonable, irrational, and impossible. It’s your choice – not theirs.

• You have the humility to appreciate that wherever you are in life, no matter how successful or acknowledged or accomplished, you did not reach this place alone. There are no self-made individuals. Self-ruined? Yes. Self-made? No.

• You have the heart to want the best for others, even those who demonstrate no interest in your highest good. This is naked Grace. You have it.

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