Things I love to see happening for clients…..

by Rod Smith

• The growing awareness that it is the client, and only the client, who can change his or her behavior and therefore his or her life, with the understanding that even power over oneself is limited.

• The realization that no one needs or deserves to be a victim or to be treated as one no matter what has transpired in the past.

• The joy that follows “small” successes that have occurred and which resulted from choices that may have caused severe pain and nervousness in the making.

• The development of deeper trust in the therapist and in the therapeutic process while also appreciating and recognizing the limitations of both.

• The reports from the client that he or she is learning to understand and use his or her voice and God-given power with others who may have, in the past, tended to disrespect or ignore both.

• The developing ability to reduce dependence and reliance on what others think and on the affirmation and positive feedback of others.

• The capacity to begin to see a brighter future that is more fulfilling than a past or the circumstances that drew him or her into therapy in the first place.

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