It is possible*……

by Rod Smith

• To be kind and patient today no matter what. Being kind and patient is about who and what you are and not about external factors or pressures.

• To affirm the people who help and serve you today even if the help and the service is imperfect and even if things do not go your way. Affirmation and appreciation are expressions of the heart in perfect or imperfect circumstances.

• To mail something encouraging to an old friend or relative. The impact of a kind note arriving in the mail ought not be underestimated. Three to five minutes of your time can give another extended, memorable pleasure.

• To apologize if and when you are wrong. Put things right as efficiently as possible. Keeping short accounts helps for transparency in all relationships, not just the one where an apology may be necessary.

• To monitor your own behavior and so protect your integrity and the integrity of your family, your faith, and your profession. As unfair as it may seem, people do use a broad brush when it comes to judgement. Like it or not, your behavior represents your family, your faith, and your career.

*as always, this is a note to self as much as it may be to you.

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