Your part in the global event

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Tuesday

I will make a few predictions of things that will arise from this global turmoil:

• Great novels will emerge penned by people who are thus far unpublished or unknown authors. They will be writers of diverse backgrounds and languages and their books will be read and studied from here on out in the manner we already read established classics.

Is there a novel stirring in you?

• Music that will be known throughout the world will be composed during this pandemic and it will be with humanity for the rest of time. The same is true for all forms of art: painters will paint, dancers will dance, as thus far unknown talents use this time for all they are worth.

Are you one such artist?

• Great acts of human kindness are happening all over the world and most of them will never be recorded or known. Lives are being touched, miracles of generosity are occurring and the transformations are touching the givers and the receivers of such acts.

Are you playing your part in the global miracle?

• There are extended families who have known great division and conflict who will cast all divisions aside and find each other again and hold each other in highest regard and with deepest respect.

Will you be an agent of healing in your family?

[I have written what is above with the full and sad understanding that most of the world will not be in as privileged a position as to do anything but take the inevitable pain coming our way.

Nonetheless, there will be great and powerful things that come from this, too.]

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