Good Monday morning, South Africa

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday

A good Monday morning to you, South Africa.

At least for now the world as we’ve known it has shifted. For you and for me.

Nonetheless, I am who I am. You are who you are. Wherever we are, we have responsibilities, callings, commitments.

I believe we can get through this and come out better people for it.

This is an opportunity to grow in integrity, kindness, and in generosity.

We can each be a form of anti-virus.

I believe each of us can play our unique role in becoming part of the solution and resist amplifying the problem.

I believe we can halt perpetuating the prevalent anxiety as we learn to “hold onto” ourselves.

This will be easier if we:

Decide on how we will behave before we have to. This takes concerted effort to plan, as much as possible, how we will respond to all that comes our way.

Set limits, boundaries, decide on levels of investment in all matters before we enter into important conversations or contracts, no matter how formal or informal.

Decide who we are and what we will do and won’t do before someone or some circumstance does. Steer your own boat. This is NOT selfish. Selfishness is trying to steer someone else’s boat.

Offer others the benefit of the doubt unless repeated experience suggests doubts were legitimate despite having appropriately voiced your concerns.

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