Try it, you’ll see…..

by Rod Smith

I know some things about you.


You are a member of the human family.

You may hide these qualities or life itself may have attempted to beat them out of you, but, these qualities are within you. I know it.

I do not care who you are or what bad or unseemly things you may have done.

You are designed to serve others and are happiest when you do. Try it.

You are creative, funny, and you are able to spread joy.

If you spend a little time everyday singing, yes singing, you will release something powerful within you. This is true even if you think of yourself as a terrible singer and have to do it in absolute privacy. Try it. Begin with a favorite hymn you learned in church or a song you remember from childhood. Belt it out.

You are capable of listening to others with no strings attached. You are gifted in this regard. Try it.

You are designed to be wisely generous with time and resources as limited as both may be. Try it and you will unlock something beautiful within you and you and others will be transformed.

In these troubled times you are a walking talking fountain of kindness, goodness, and generosity.

It is in troubled times when you will be at your very best.

Don’t believe me?

Try it. You’ll see.

You are as beautiful and powerful as any human who has ever lived.

Oh, the things I’d tell this boy if I’d had the opportunity……..!

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