Prayers for our children

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Weekend

Prayers and desires for our children young and older….

• That they may find useful, positive passions, and spend their energies on things they love and make their livings from using their talents.

• That they may find and enjoy deep, lasting reciprocal and respectful friendships.

• That they may have mutual, equal, respectful intimate relationships.

• That they may neither intimidate nor be intimidated by others no matter who they are or what positions they hold.

• That they may know they are deeply loved and respected by their immediate and extended families to whom they owe nothing but the return of healthy love and respect.

• That they may be enduring life-long students and patient teachers.

• That they may love powerfully and be powerfully loved in relationships that are free and devoid of all jealousy and possessiveness.

• That they may grow into generous and kind people who are trusted by others who recognize their integrity and goodness.

• That they may have each other’s backs while risking the natural urge to rescue each other from self-made difficulties.

• That they may develop goals and ambitions that far surpass making a good living but that include serving others and enhancing the lives of people whom they don’t know and may never meet.

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