Healthy Habits #1

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday

Daily Habits for a Fabulous Week

I am going to present one inner-discipline per day for a week. They are inner-conditions and therefore can be exercised without announcing the decision.

#1 Plan your emotional boardroom

Make an executive decision about how you are going to be for the day (not the week, or month, or forever). It’s just for the day or for the morning if you have to break up the day into parts.

Making the decision is crucial – it is a beginning. You may or may not be successful but you ensure failure if you refuse to plan.

Three things I will do today:

• I will speak well of myself and others.

• I will advocate for myself and others by speaking up when necessary.

• I will affirm, thank others, and be highly cooperative as far as possible.

Three things I will not do today:

• I will not be a victim to anyone no matter who they are or what position they hold.

• I will not victimize anyone at all – not in subtle or gross, covert or overt ways.

• I will not say “yes” when I mean “no” or no when I mean “yes.”

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