Healthy Habits #2

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Tuesday

Daily Habits for a Fabulous Week #2

Rid your inner-work space of unwanted books, chapters, and unfinished essays with their faded, ripped pages and thumbed edges.

It’s useless clutter – all of it.

That story, told and retold to anyone who will listen, and told even if no one is listening – rip it out. Dispose of it. Not only is it boring to hear, it’s doing no one any good. Especially you.

The let-down story, the lost-job story, the overlooked-for-promotion story, your list of slights – these are the unfinished chapters.

Toss them. Never tell them again.

Just for today.

They are the bad poetry of your life.

Rip them out. Burn them.

Just for today.

You’ll know you have finally cleared your inner-desk when these old stories cease to be your default talking points and when you realize you have so much that is new and positive to share.

But, be kind. Be kind to yourself. Such ripping and ridding cannot usually be done in one foul swoop. We have carried these things around with us for years. We have played host. They have served a purpose and will return like carpet stains.

The things we remember, the stories we tell about ourselves, not only become rehearsed shtick, but become stepping stones that shape our futures.

Write a new script – just for today.

You may even get a few new and eager listeners.

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