It takes a thinking brain to mend a broken heart

by Rod Smith

In the grips of a recent heart-break there are some things you can do.

He/she broke your heart, not your brain or capacity to think. So, think. 

During this tough time and you may feel deep, powerful feelings of abandonment, betrayal, and you may regret the time you had together. It may seem wasted. It’s not, unless you waste it. You can learn and grow, or not. You decide. 

No one is discounting your feelings and neither will it be helpful if you do. But, you still have the capacity to think, plan, to guide yourself out of the mire. So, think and plan, through the mist and pain. 

Remember, you think yourself into a new way of feeling. You do not feel your way into a new way of thinking. Let your fine mind lead. You got yourself into this; you can get yourself out. 

While it seems paradoxical, you entered the relationship alone, and you leave it alone. You have what it takes within you to rebuild a meaningful life. You are stronger than you feel. Don’t beg.

Walk, run, drink lots of water. Seek out old friends. Revisit places you went as a couple. Nothing is wasted unless you waste it.

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