Morning mantras

by Rod Smith

The Mercury

Morning mantras – take your pick – I will be using them all this weekend….

• I will use every encounter to learn and to grow as a person. Anyone, of any age and of any background may be my teacher. I can learn from all other people no matter what their age or status or level of education.

• I am neither inferior nor superior to anyone on the planet no matter who or what they are.

• Every action has an equal and opposite reaction especially among people who are emotionally connected through love or rejection. My response to what occurs is more important than what occurs.

• Rapid reactions to the actions of others usually fuel later regret. I shall try to be thoughtful and intentional about my actions.

• A rigid reaction is usually unnecessary as almost everything within families and communities has room for negotiation.

• It is almost always possible for a “win-win” to result in all relationship dilemmas and I am going to help people move towards that by doing so myself.

• Healthy people willingly engage in necessary conflict in order to better understand each other, better love each other, and create circumstances for all to enjoy greater freedom.

• Love and control cannot coexist in the same relationship – if you have to manipulate and control, it is not love even if you say it is.

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