Love and trust are not a trade

by Rod Smith

Love and trust are gold and glue in all relationships.  

The one who says “I love you; I trust you” is the one doing the loving and trusting. 

When I love and trust my sons I am the one who is choosing to place my fallible love and my capacity to trust in them. 

My willing choices have nothing to do with them but reflect the kind of person I want to be. 

By loving and trusting my sons, and anyone else for that matter, I am minding my own business. 

My sons, and anyone else, do not have to do anything in return. 

They do not have to love or trust me back. 

Of course it is wonderful when things are reciprocal but love and trust (and honesty and truth) are not currency in a trade.

As a consequence of exercising my fallible ability to love and to trust my capacity for both has been stimulated and rewarded and, even though I often fail, it’s made everything, everywhere  more beautiful. The return on investment has been well rewarded.

If a son, or anyone, breaks my trust or tests my love I am faced with the challenge to love and trust again and again because that’s the kind of person I want to be. 

May I join you in this journey?

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