Endure….. this is not an insult

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Friday

Endure with me – this is meant to be helpful and not an insult:

Keep in mind as we evaluate our lives and relationships that we are mammals.

We are individually loaded with instinctive drives and have group behaviors that make this evident to even the casual observer.

But, we are each much more than a mammal; together, much more than packs, flocks, droves, crashes (rhinos) or herds.

Deny this and we limit our self-understanding, understanding of others, and of groups.

You may have noticed:

We herd. We love to get together. We quickly establish hierarchy, pecking orders. Observe large crowds and you will identify behaviors that parallel behaviors observable in game parks.

We are territorial. Look no further than the fences around homes; watch elders suss out to accept or reject new members.

We desire leadership. We recognize it in some, not in others. We respect it until we challenge and dethrone it.

We flock, storm, intimidate, and, when necessary, we freeze or take flight.

We have routines, habits, and expectations of nurturing and protecting when it comes to the young and the elderly that are mirrored in the wild.

So what?

Our mammalian traits are inescapable assets.

But, we are more: we are human.

We can think, plan, learn from errors, record history, exercise vast imaginations, and offer our communities amazing cooperation and generosity and, individually and collectively, enter enduring dialogue with the very Heart of God.

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