The power of surrender

by Rod Smith

When you surrender control…

1. You will shift the balance of power and be re-energized. From expending valuable energy on the wild-goose chase of “fixing” others to deploying it where you have some power by working on yourself.

2. You will gain confidence in the areas that you can influence, instead of the dulling, draining, and desperate experience of having to keep the world and all its concerns on track.

3. You will join humanity rather than separate yourself and judge it – you will accept your failings and frailties and discover you can do the same with others.

4. Your anxiety will plummet, your joy will be rejuvenated, and your need for control fade while you are (slowly) delivered to a beautiful new place called Being-More-Human.

5. You will find your natural place in your family and community rather than have to arm-wrestle the world for significance.

6. You will not only be able to stop and smell the roses, you will be able to plant and tend roses, and have bunches to distribute to along the way.

7. You will be loved for who you are and, believe it or not, it won’t be because you made it happen.

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