Phones and yawns…..

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday

“My wife and I disagree when it comes to two children and mobile phones; one lives overseas and the other in Cape Town. When visiting, I had to constantly tell them put their telephones in company. My 33-year-old continues to play with his mobile phone and playing card games and holding a two-way conversation and she does not object! Also, when they yawn, I always told them to place their hand across their mouth but this has fallen on deaf ears. I have complained and this last weekend made a decision to say nothing about this mobile phone playing, to a point that my conversation with him was limited. To be quite honest I felt that coming home was a waste of time. Having said this to my wife she was in tears that I could think like this. Having spoken to other fathers, parents should be on the same side so that the children ‘know their place’.”

Your frustration is clear. But, you do not have children. Your sons are adults and parenting has ended. Love, embrace your sons exactly as they are. Their “place” is one of equality in every manner with you, yawns and all. Their poor manners expressed toward you is no reflection on you or your wife.

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