Love – a quick summary

by Rod Smith

This is an imperfect summary of the Greek words for love, something everyone seems to search for and what can lead to so much healing and heartbreak:

  • Philia is affectionate regard, friendship, it’s among equals, it’s the loyalty, it’s brotherly love, team-love. It requires honesty, equality, and grows with familiarity.
  • Éros is the love of sexual attraction and passion. In the hands of the mature it builds and supports a family and a nation. In the hands of the immature it can be a most destructive and driving force.  
  • Agápe is divine, unconditional love, the love God has for humanity and for individuals. Spiritually mature people may know and offer this love in brief, divine spurts.   
  • Storge is tenderness, affection, family love, the love a parent has a child. It’s natural empathy.
  • Pragma is the love that two people may enjoy and show during a lengthy marriage.
  • Philautia is self-love, the ability to appreciate and value oneself.

I am convinced that we love others, not because of who or what they are, but because of who or what we are. Please, join me on the journey of growing up (nothing to do with age) and becoming, by the grace of God, the most loving, generous, and kind person you have ever met.

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  1. Hear, hear!

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