It’s (simply) up to you (and to me)….

by Rod Smith

Some things are simply up to you (and to me)…

  • How open and available you are to new experiences, adventures, and meeting new people
  • How generous and kind and forgiving you are to others (and to yourself) under every circumstance
  • How much you communicate with your aged parents and how much time you generously and freely offer them
  • How much you interact or communicate with your brothers or sisters or other relatives
  • How you treat your in-laws
  • How much you respect and show that respect to all people and especially those who are outside of your chosen circle of relationships
  • How you use the power afforded you or the illusion of power afforded to you
  • How much you will allow friends and associates to know you and participate in your life
  • How angry or reactive you are when you are faced with the poor driving or less than perfect service or when you are overlooked or ignored
  • How much you will allow prejudice and stereotypes to shape your attitudes and behaviors

I will remind my treasured readers that I am my own first audience and everything I write pertains first to me. We are in this wonderful adventure of life together.

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