Grief, a personal pursuit

by Rod Smith

Grief is a private journey. Don’t mess with it, not in yourself or in others.

You may be like Peter who needs to let it all out and talk things through with anyone who is available. He wants to talk about it, a lot. Peter wants to talk about it so much some of his friends and family try to silence him and avoid him. Talking seems to ward off his pain.

Or, you may be like Paul. He keeps it all in. He seems to needs the inner churning to help him get to grips with what he has lost or is losing. Only Paul knows he is constantly processing his loss because it is internal for Paul.

Mary denies her loss. She may need days, weeks, even years to accommodate the loss and change she has to face and so she has escalated her degree of activity. Observers may interpret her behaviors as denial but the treadmill she has created is helpful to Mary. Perhaps you are like Mary.

Whatever your response to your loss, the important thing is that it is yours and you are free to explore it in any manner you choose.

You’ll hear time and again that “time heals”, a cliché that holds limited truth.

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