When trauma hits

by Rod Smith

Major trauma has hit. You are face the overwhelming challenge of rebuilding your life.

Here are some things to anticipate:

Head-knowledge tells you that you have to carry on living. You can’t consistently find the heart for it. The strength to live on comes and goes like radio stations, years ago, would come in and out on long car trips. The trauma has left you confused on the rare occasions you can think at all. You are cloud-living and your feelings seem anesthetized. Your capacity to plan anything, even simple things, is severely impeded.

People annoy you, even people you love. They annoy you because their presence feels like a tug into the future you’d prefer not to face. You cry a lot when you least expect it.

So what do you do? You rest as much as possible. You drink a lot of water. You go for long walks, alone, even if it is speed walking in the mall and especially if it’s the last thing you feel like doing. You rest, you breathe. You face life a minute or an hour or a day at a time. You give yourself permission to succeed and to fail, and you offer yourself the love you’d offer a treasured friend.

Leadership Flower

Hope comes in the morning….. Psalm 30:5

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