Feeling it…..

by Rod Smith

For as much as I have traveled and for as much as my sons have traveled I am feeling anxious today. I am very anxious.

Nate, my youngest son (16) is setting off tomorrow for his first solo flight.

He’s headed to my niece and her husband and their family in Terrigal, Australia.

To eliminate possible complications I booked his journey to include only one plane change on both his outward and return journey and that change will be in Houston, Texas. I’ve photocopied his passport, checked and re-checked his Electronic Travel Authority, done his laundry, and I am in the process of packing his bags.

Every possible and reasonable travel snafu, like extended delays, cancelled flights, lost baggage, and inquisitions at borders, has visited my swirling head and it usually happens around three in the morning.

I will breathe a sigh of relief (as I know his brother will, too) when we hear he’s landed and safe in the home of beloved family.

So, the next time you read my work and I am getting on some parent’s case about anxiety or over-functioning for his or her children, feel free to drop me a reminder about what it was like for me to send Nate off to Australia – and I will back off.

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