Money…. a note to children and teenagers

by Rod Smith

A word to children and teenagers:

Save your money. Now. Save for the future and save in the future. The sooner you learn how powerful money is the better. It is one of several things that can make or break you. If you are careful now, if you get good advice now, you could be free to go anywhere in the world and do about anything you want within a fairly short space of time. Here’s the bottom line – bottom line is a financial term so I will keep the cliché: you have two choices – money works for you, or, you work for money.

Which would you prefer?

You will default to working for money unless you plan for money to work for you. Today is the time to decide. It is at this point in your life, while you yourself are debt free, that you have the choice. Money doesn’t like you to have freedom of choice. It takes its captives early. It takes its captives when they are as young as possible, and, of course, it keeps them as long as possible, preferring to complicate their lives even after death.  I am referring to money as if it is a powerful being.

I do this because it is.


Happiness and money

You will hear people say that money can’t buy happiness and other really tired clichés. You will observe that it is usually people who have neither money nor happiness that feel compelled to repeat this nonsense.

I am not suggesting for a moment that money makes people happy – but it is a lot nicer to have money if you are going to be unhappy.

Money won’t make an unhappy person happy, but the lack of it certainly doesn’t do much to enhance unhappiness.

Happy people are happy, rich or poor. There’s not enough money on the planet to make unhappy people happy. Their emotional condition does not have a price tag. It is not about money.

If you are good with money you could put into motion something so powerful and so long lasting that people generations from now could benefit.

You don’t believe me?

Look around your city and see how many buildings are named after people. These people were (usually) good with money. Or, you could let money rule you, and you could spend the rest of your life paying off credit cards and making bankers you will never know richer than they already are. They will go on lavish vacations in interesting places on the interest you are paying them. They will buy vacation homes at your expense. Is this what you want?

Save now. Your empire needs it.

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