Helping joy find you….

by Rod Smith

Happiness, peace, joy, will not hit you out of the blue. You (we) have to do the legwork. Today is a good day to include the following and therefore make it that much more possible to struck by happiness:

  • Make phones call to affirm the powerful roles other people have played in your life. No matter how important you are you did not get to where you are on your own. While there indeed are “self-made” unsuccessful people, there are no “self-made” successful people. Make calls, write letters, and send a few emails. Write extravagant cheques to the schools that helped you.
  • Tell your family you love them. Call each person and use the words “I love you.” Take a deep breath and read the words off this page if that helps. I am not being facetious. There are many people who struggle to say these simple words for all manner of complex reasons.
  • Retrace your steps no matter how far you have to go back and, as far as it is possible, make amends. Re-build burned bridges. Apologize, swallow your pride, admit to your failings, and ask for forgiveness. Make things right with others as much as you are able.
  • Buy a huge box of nappies (diapers) at leave it as a secret gift for new parent.

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