by Rod Smith

Bravery – The Mercury – Thursday

Brief insights on (real) bravery

• The person who is willing to tell the truth despite the possibility of fallout or the incurrence of personal cost – a word is a bond

• The person who self-edits and chooses truth in the minutia of life rather than expressing half-truths or “little” lies which may make life easier or more convenient – truth begins within

• The person who could legitimately expect to be served by others but who chooses instead to serve others – joy comes from serving

• The person who repeatedly believes in the best of others despite the repeated failings of others – there is gold (somewhere) in all

• The teacher or coach who sees talent in a student and is willing to appear to fail or appear to be less than successful so a student may learn or experience something new – success breeds success and doesn’t always look like success

• The parent who knows how much to tell a son or daughter and how much to withhold from a son or a daughter so he or she may be necessarily and appropriately informed and yet at the same time not unnecessarily burdened – love includes and love self-edits

• The person who knows and understands that love is about listening and supporting and learning and making room for the needs and concerns of others – love makes room for others.

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