I was touched by Monday’s column……

by Rod Smith

“I wanted to let to know how touched I was reading your column on Monday. Clearly the young man needs to re-connect with his father and is looking for a way to do this. I come from a long line of bitter and interfering mothers, no-speak divorces, and long family feuds. It takes courage and firmness but with your guidance I believe this young man will find the strength. I have managed to settle many family estrangements in the family. It has taken patience and now it is all worth the while. Years later everything is easy. Thank you for many pieces of good advice. I ready your column daily. It is the first thing I turn to in the newspaper.”

It is understandable when things do not go well with a spouse or a child to think that it is that relationship that needs the focus. The man or woman who does mind his or her business with his or her parents (even if the parents are uncooperative or even deceased) will find freedom in the most unexpected ways. As this husband to be reconnects with his dad and realigns his connection with his mother (on his terms) he will find courage and love within him for his wife-to-be that he never knew existed within him.

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