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December 21, 2017

Miracles abound if you know where to look…..

by Rod Smith

Here are a few of the miracles I have encountered face-to-face this week:

  • I see a young boy and his mother walking their dog. An observer wouldn’t know the woman spent almost three years alone in a central African country negotiating with shady officials to get the boy adopted and then home. She decided she’d do this when she was on a mission trip the toddler was found abandoned and close to death in a dumpster. Her husband and three daughters got behind their mother and the seemingly endless journey of love to bring the boy to the USA began.
  • That man behind the newspaper at the coffee shop whom you may hardly give a second glance: he’s a living miracle. Unless you were told you’d never know that he disappears for weeks at a time to a central American country to perform hundred of surgeries pro-bono.
  • That guy over there with his family at breakfast: you’d never know that he also started a non-for-profit corporation that has “planted” and oversees over 65 schools in three central African countries.
  • That elderly woman crossing the street has not touched a drink in 45 years.

Look around – ask questions. Miracles abound. They are as near to you as they are to me.