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December 10, 2017

My view of what people want…..

by Rod Smith

The Mercury – Friday / What people really want….. readers, please add your added insights…..

What people want as far as I can discern:

1. Significant, intimate connection with a select few people – this has nothing at all to do with sexual activity. The word intimate has sadly become somewhat synonymous with sex.

2. Regular inclusion in the activities of a small group of close friends – most people can handle occasional exclusion but when it is repeated it can be very painful.

3. A voice (to offer suggestions, voice opinions, express thoughts) that is (usually) heard and always respected – talking ought not be confused with having a voice. I know a lot of talkers who have no voice.

4. A platform, a context to express uniqueness – a place to shine on occasion is good for the soul.

5. Validation, a sense of belonging – this does not necessarily mean agreement or endorsement.

6. Some say and power in planning the future – no one has ALL say over the future.

7. Credit for work well done even when it is a group or community effort – a good and authentic thank you can be remembered for years.

8. Useful and helpful guidance and criticism – usually when requested.

9. Involvement in the lives of immediate and extended family – being excluded from a family can be the most painful cut of all.