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November 21, 2017

That sane inner-voice…..

by Rod Smith

What’s your inner-voice saying about your diet, spending, gambling, or your role in your family conflicts? I bet you hear or feel the nudge of your inner-voice when you speak harshly to others or are hard or cruel. I thoroughly believe that many of our interpersonal troubles come from the unwillingness or the inability to hear or trust our inner sane voice.

There’s a sane and beautiful person living within you and he or she is trying to get through to you.

If you think things through you will agree that you know what’s good and right, and what is not. I believe we know when we are using others for our own purposes and when we sacrifice their best interests for our own.

We know what to eat and what to avoid.

I know if I am lying or twisting truth in my favor.

Even the most hardened of liars is aware of it – even if the “skill” seems “second nature.”

Of course there are men and women who do indeed have schizoid conditions and to whom this column would not apply – but the vast majority of us have a sane inner-voice that’s aching for a hearing.

Listening in, acting accordingly, would save us an awful lot of pain, trouble, and therapy.

November 21, 2017

This Thursday

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Tuesday

This Thursday will be Thanksgiving in the USA. Millions will travel “home” or “to the grandkids” and, for most, enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and local “fixings.” Families will eat and then play board games, kick a football, watch football on TV, or sleep off the effects of indulgence. Churches will feed the homeless and, no matter what a person’s means, the nation will somewhat unify around the national table and offer thanks for the incredible excesses of this wonderful country.

Most of us develop a “grateful” list. Here’s mine:

• My health and the health of my sons. It’s easy to forget that I had a massive heart attack 20 years ago and I have five stents in my heart. My sons are the gift that has kept me living. (No pressure boys). They are in perfect health.

• Family, friends everywhere – and the men and women with whom I share life.

• My daily wonderful job; clients who trust me to share in their lives; the men and women who read my work.

• The vast capacity for generosity that is in every person.

Yes, I am grateful for the kindness that lives within you, dear reader. My hope is that we will all express it freely and widely.