Love doesn’t dress as anything but love…..

by Rod Smith

Love can be expressed in a vast variety of ways but it never hides behind some things:

Jealousy. Some think authentic love naturally involves elements of jealousy. Quite the contrary. Love celebrates freedom and encourages the loved to explore and enjoy many and diverse relationships.

Control. Perhaps this is Jealousy’s first cousin. Love and control cannot live within the same relationship and it is never an indication of love. Some claim they control others for their own good. This is nonsense. Healthy adults exercise no control over other healthy adults and when they do it is no indication of love.

Swearing, cruelty, and temper tantrums. These are never an indication of love. Some say screaming and the harshness show how much a person cares. Nonsense. Love always behaves like love.

Manipulation, domination, and intimidation. A loving person will not resort to these measures and will certainly stop them in their tracks once they begin to reveal their devious ways. Pushing and pulling others with a hidden agenda reeks of the antithesis of love.

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