Beyond resentment……

by Rod Smith

Were you over-looked for a promotion, jilted by a spouse, tricked out of a fortune, or betrayed by a friend?

I am sorry. I really am. Human indifference and cruelty impacts us all.

Like you, I have heard many tales of the horrible things people can do to each other.  I’ve done some rather destructive things myself.

This I do know: Harboring resentments, gathering injustices, collecting, and tabulating wounds and inflictions, while they may be human proclivities in response to injustice, are behaviors that are not usually very helpful. Not only does un-forgiveness make for a heavy heart, it distorts whatever thinking may be possible.

Resentment twists everything. It makes you an uncomfortable person to be around. It ruins your experience of life, no matter what initiated the resentment.

Do whatever you can to cleanse your heart of bitterness.

Take the first step and the steps that follow will probably come a lot easier. What I am suggesting is not easy. I understand.

After a lifetime of offering incredible hospitality to family and strangers alike, I watched my own father endure painful rejection from extended family who’d had no problem enjoying his hospitality for years.

And, he never let it get to him – he rose above it and lived with dignity and grace.

I know it’s possible.  

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