The Felt twins…..

by Rod Smith

Les and Colin Felt were my friends.

Knowing them made me what is now termed “cool” which was something I was not.

When their mother pulled up at my dad’s tearoom at the top of Blackburn Road for bread sometimes Les and Colin would run out the shop and up our driveway and dive into our pool.

This always thrilled me.

Despite their mother’s pleas it would turn into an hour of spontaneous and often very rough fun.

The Felt twins and I met at Northlands Boys High School. I admired their courage, their sharp humor when they whispered about teachers. I vividly recall them switching names and places with each other in Mr. Hockey’s geography room. When they’d have conflict with each other it was best to stay out of the way. But, their real fierceness was evident if ever one was threatened. The Felt twins were tight!

Les let me know Colin had died several years ago – and his lingering pain was evident.

Les died last week.

I wish I were there to speak at his memorial. His last message to me via Facebook was a thank you for the sandwiches we shared as boys at school.

If I were there I’d say thanks for making me cool.

One Comment to “The Felt twins…..”

  1. My condolences, thank you for sharing such a lovely window into to all 3 of your lives.

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