The challenge of Leadership 

by Rod Smith
  • Maintaining the capacity to remain above the fray that exists in every dynamic (changing, growing, “alive”) organization without being disconnected from it. Some leaders are so immersed in the day-to-day fray of their enterprises that it sucks them in and drains them of the capacity to lead. Others are so above the fray that their apparent aloofness reduces their credibility among those whom they lead.
  • Maintaining the capacity to understand that it is next to impossible to separate home and work and work from home. The unresolved issues and conflicts existing in each will drive or shape both worlds weather the leader likes it or not. To understand this means to acknowledge it rather than to deny it. What leaders deny and hide will show up in unexpected and usually unhelpful ways.
  • Maintaining the capacity to live in the present and influence the future while being influenced or even, in some cases, haunted by the past. Family-of-origin issues, childhood issues, traumas or loss or unresolved grief never fully depart anyone. Their volume and power to influence is increased when an adult is given authority and responsibility. The authoritarian leader, the avoidant leader, the arrogant leader has these characteristics lurking within long before adulthood.    

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