Looking for a leader….

by Rod Smith

Choose the person who has a track record of adventure. 

Look for a “yes” mindset. 

Avoid attitudes of excessive caution. 

Look for a person who does not seem invested in who gets the credit when work is well done. 

Find the natural connector, the networker, the one who sees possibilities when others see problems. He or she will have a natural propensity to “see beyond” to find resources, to discover solutions in places no one else thought of looking. 

Find the listener, who, after listening, still makes up his or her own mind.  

Look for the person who collaborates with others, who is able to collaborate even with those who have little or no authority, and yet, is not stumped when collaboration becomes impossible. 

Find a person with natural empathy and yet one who at the same time understands how the overly empathic can be crippled by it. 

Avoid the controller, the nitpicker, the one who wants to peer over everyone’s shoulder, the one who carries the weight as if it cannot be shared.

Find the one who has demonstrated the ability to delegate, to follow, to inspire, and to step out ahead, all at the same time.

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